Time to clarify ‘soy is bad for you’ myths.

I drink a lot of soy milk and I eat a lot of soy products. I don’t support the dairy industry and I find cow’s milk a really gross idea, so I avoid dairy a fair bit (I still consume a bit of cheese and aioli and other things, but my milk is always soy, as is my ice cream).

I do, however, sometimes worry I consume TOO much. Or at least I did before I did a bit of research…
This is a fantastic summary of the myths and the reality of soy consumption. 

I still think it is best to have everything in moderation, and there’s no need to be drinking three soy milk coffees a day or whatever, but it’s not really bad for you in the ways that people are beginning to think. 

Anyway, the bottom line is DON’T BELIEVE THE RUMOURS! Do your own research and decide for yourself what you’re eating and drinking, where it comes from, how bad/good it is for you and what its effect on the environment and world around you is! 

Did you know that a blue whale is as long as a basketball court?

If you are feeling fat and unattractive today just know that a blue whale weighs 200 tons (181 metric tons) and they generally are not too concerned about how they look and they spend most of their time swimming around nekkid and singing powerful love ballads to each other, so maybe don’t worry so much because, anyway, you only get so many goes around the sun and it’d be a shame to spend them worrying instead of living the good life and looking up facts about blue whales

Smoke-free is fine by me.

The University of Melbourne is seriously discussing implementing a campus-wide smoking ban which you can imagine is not being taken well by students. 

Well, frankly, I’m all for it. 
I’m pro the smoking ban.
I hated spending my entire degree not being able to sit anywhere and read a book or have lunch without inhaling other people’s second hand smoke, and I’m not even asthmatic. (In fact, I went to La Trobe University, and the campus is a LOT bigger, but the main food areas are still clogged with smokers 100% of the busy periods.)
It is so unfair for asthmatic students who have to go right to the other corners of the university just to avoid smoke-induced asthma attacks. 

I say I’m pro-smoking ban – this doesn’t mean I think it should be campus-wide. I don’t think it should be entirely publicly banned, but I believe it should be the main food courts and main lawns, with some areas still ok to smoke in.
Anyone who says we are taking away their freedom, well I just think that’s bullshit because being free should not equal being free to pollute other people’s lungs without their permission and against their will. 

Any student deserves the right to eat their lunch or sit in the main courtyard or lawn area without having to inhale other people’s cigarette smoke.