Smoke-free is fine by me.

The University of Melbourne is seriously discussing implementing a campus-wide smoking ban which you can imagine is not being taken well by students. 

Well, frankly, I’m all for it. 
I’m pro the smoking ban.
I hated spending my entire degree not being able to sit anywhere and read a book or have lunch without inhaling other people’s second hand smoke, and I’m not even asthmatic. (In fact, I went to La Trobe University, and the campus is a LOT bigger, but the main food areas are still clogged with smokers 100% of the busy periods.)
It is so unfair for asthmatic students who have to go right to the other corners of the university just to avoid smoke-induced asthma attacks. 

I say I’m pro-smoking ban – this doesn’t mean I think it should be campus-wide. I don’t think it should be entirely publicly banned, but I believe it should be the main food courts and main lawns, with some areas still ok to smoke in.
Anyone who says we are taking away their freedom, well I just think that’s bullshit because being free should not equal being free to pollute other people’s lungs without their permission and against their will. 

Any student deserves the right to eat their lunch or sit in the main courtyard or lawn area without having to inhale other people’s cigarette smoke. 

Feel free to share your thoughts

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