return to civilisation

I’ve been camping, backpacking, hitchhiking, and generally meandering across and around Spain and Portugal for a while now, but now I’m back in ‘my’ (my best friend’s) flat in Madrid and ready to link a whole bunch of shit I’m really into at the moment.

Travelling around Spain and Portugal has been pretty amazing. I always struggled finding meat-free options in Madrid but I never truly realised just how easy it is in Madrid….when compared with the rest of Spain. Galicia, for example, which is  the region in the northeast of Spain, has pretty much seafood, seafood, and more seafood. Oh and ham, of course. Because Spain. 

But I did find some havens, especially in the highly traditional, old-fashioned, bullfighting, chorizo-eating southern Spanish region of Andalusia. 

There’s a place in Seville called Restaurante Habanita and I had the most delicious beans and rice, vegan croquettes, and white chocolate pie there. Plus the owner saw me eating and drinking beer there on my own for ages and mistook me for a stood-up date, and brought me a shot of rum on the house, which was hilarious and rather kind of him. 

The beautiful Granada is a hippie’s dream: full of wandering hearts and artesan’s markets, delicious arabic food with plenty of vegetarian options, not to mention you can score weed in Granada easier than at a Sublime concert. We did go to a speficially vegan restaurant though, and that was Paprika. The food was something to write home about, although the lack of motherflipping aircon or even a fan inside was pretty ludicrous. We sat outside in the sweltering August heat which I highly don’t recommend – the only reason I went south in August was because the timing worked out that way but it’s definitely not the best time to travel. 

Aaaaaaanyway the nib and jist of this post is that I’m back and I have heaps of random things I’ve come across that I want to share. So, yay. Happy Friday!