This asylum seeker situation breaks my heart. I am so, so angry. Please, spread the word about how Australia is treating asylum seekers in detention centres, and if you can, try to support the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, because it really is an incredible collective that is doing so much for asylum seekers. This is so fucked. 

WA begins shark culling today. Un-fucking-believable.

In Western Australia, new laws have been passed so that shark culling can begin- that is to say, they are going to start killing off sharks that swim in the waters surrounding the beautiful beaches so that more humans can pollute said beaches with their cigarette butts, broken bottles and other such crap. Fuck, this makes me so mad! 
Aside from being unfair to the sharks who are doing NOTHING but living in their normal habitat and doing what comes naturally to them (i.e., biting and eating the smaller creatures that swim in their path), it’s bad juju and fairly dangerous business to go messing with the oceanic food chain and culling off sharks, plus if prevention of human attacks is the goal, there are so many other options that seem way more practical and logical. 
It’s good to see so many people agree with me; there have been loads of rallies against the culling. 

Ugh. It’s just so utterly unacceptable and cruel. 

Brief rant about Abbott’s idiot rampage.

Here’s a wonderful (and by that I mean tragic and enraging) summary of what the pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister Tony Abbott has done thus far. 
I’m so mad at everyone who voted him in out of apathy, out of ignorance, out of idiocy. I’m so mad at all of them. Tony Abbott is shitting all over my country.