the beyoncé revolution

So Beyoncé is a feminist. She identifies as one. This is both great and problematic. It’s great because she influences whallops of young girlies (and boys too) all the way from little to teenager to even in their twenties and thirties. We love Queen Bey. So her coming out as a feminist is great because it means all these people across the globe who idolise her for various reasons are now going to think that feminism is something to explore, something that maybe is as cool as Beyoncé. It helps take away some of the taboo behind identifying as a feminist. Beyoncé doesn’t have hairy pits, or want to kill all men, say the teenage girls. Maybe being a feminist is a good thing! GREAT. That’s great.

But it’s also problematic because a lot of what Beyoncé says and does is not all that empowering for women or in line with the plight of women. There was the controversy over Beyoncé and Jay-Z singing the version of Drunk in Love involving those horrid lyrics which trivialise, sexualise, glorify a scene of domestic violence.

And then there’s what brought this to my mind in the first place: her GIRL POWER revolution songs which are celebratory to the point of ludicrousness. I know she is helping make thousands, millions of girls who have felt insecure, fat, weak, unloved, feel E M P O W E R E D and that’s amazing, I really think that is good, but she’s doing it at a cost, and the cost is that the message suggests the war is won.

Not even. The message Beyoncé sends is that there was no war. That we’re in charge. She doesn’t reference the battles past, and she certainly doesn’t acknowledge how very far we have to go.

I’m not saying it makes me love her any less, but yesterday was International Women’s Day, and my social network newsfeeds were kind of a patchwork of various WHORUNTHEWORLD hashtags and links to this song, and it just really didn’t please me. I’ve been unsettled about this message of Beyoncé’s, and in particular that song, for a while.

Luckily I’m not alone in my dissatisfaction. (This is a GREAT video explaining the dangers of Beyoncé’s GIRL POWER attitude, and I highly recommend you give it a look/listen.)

Happy belated International Women’s Day anyhow, to all the women out there, strong, weak, big, small, cis, trans. All of you. ❤

A Guide to Feminist Sex Positions – via Clementine Ford

For all of those who are sick of hearing about ridiculously named [TW, NSFW] sex positions [TW, NSFW] that are glorified sexual violence against women. (The donkey punch? Are you fucking kidding me?)

2. A woman rides a dude. She gets him about 30% away from an orgasm but she gets up and leaves. It’s called The Equal Pay Act. 

… choice. Read the whole list here.

fall into your world, thirsty, your mind dancing.

fall into your world, thirsty, your mind dancing.

This is a small art project I embarked upon with my soul sister, Azahara Fernández. It’s a tribute to which is a creative online magazine for budding feminists and inspired teens that happens to be highly insightful, funny, useful, and appealing to mid-twenty happy-go-luckies like us. 
I hope you enjoy our photo story. 

Can’t sleep; world too scary

So in Santa Barbara, California, a man of 22 years has gone on a shooting spree because he was rejected by the hot women who owed him sex. Far closer to home, in Brunswick, Melbourne, women are being grabbed from behind and sexually assaulted whilst jogging in the early morning, or walking home late at night. In other news, the utterly useless bigot of a prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, along with his pathetic excuse for a government are implementing disastrous and thoughtless changes to all areas of my poor country at a highly alarming rate. 

Oh, hello, hi, yes, I’m back. 
I’ve taken a hiatus because life was getting crazy hectic and I was (well, I still am) moving from Melbourne, Australia, to London, England, via Spain.
It’s currently a quarter to 2 in the morning, and I’m currently in my old flat in Madrid, and life has flowing along at a nice, comfortable, lazy pace.
I’ve got a lot of spare time, and I also have a whole lot I’m pretty upset about, so I’m back on the blogging wagon, full steam ahead. 

The assaults in my hometown have gotten me pretty riled up for several reasons, one being that I am currently on the other side of the world, so I feel even more concerned and protective about my teenage sister, and all my girls back home, but I think it’s also touched a nerve with everyone because of the Jill Meagher tragedy (an Irish woman who was raped and killed, and she was taken from Brunswick, right near where this happened; the killer is already in jail). People in Melbourne and above all, in the Brunswick area are starting to realise it’s a problem that needs to be addressed, which, I mean, is a good thing. A girl (who I didn’t know but now I cyber-know her) created a safety network amongst the girls of Brunswick so that we can get to know each other, have each other’s numbers, try to set up a community amongst women that allows us to feel safer and feel more empowered and also keep more in contact and figure out ways to combat this ‘can’t walk home at night without being shit-scared’ problem. The local council is putting on a free self-defence type session to help teach young women about how to stay safe. So yeah, I mean, all of that’s great. 

I wish they’d put on a free workshop for men on how to not treat women like meat, how to critically analyse their own behaviour and how it might be affected by a patriarchal society, and teach men not to rape…. 
Actually, Jill Meagher’s husband had some pretty insightful things to say about rape culture and its role in the killing of his husband. 

As for the Elliot Rodgers case, well, I am absolutely livid with anger and disgust about the whole fucking massacre. I woke up this morning to read that a man, younger than I am, has systematically planned a massacre of the attractive women in his area in Santa Barbara, near the University of California. His reasoning for the massacre was that basically he felt sexually rejected and that women owed him sex, and because they’d denied him sex they deserved to die. There’s a fantastic summary here of what has happened and a peer into the problems with how the media is covering it. 

FUCK it just actually pisses me off so much that this is being described as yeeeet anooooother crazy lunatic shooting. How long will it take before everyone begins to realise this violence against women is inherent in the system of this society, and that, therefore, chance is fucking imperative? 

As for the Abbott government, well, here’s a clean little summary to keep you up to date. Highlights are confiscating medication from asylum seekers who are being illegally detained in offshore camps, cutting funding to everyone disadvantaged from the sick to the aged to indigenous communities, and spent over $2 million on the fucking royal wedding. 

I just, ugh. I have to go listen to something happy and relaxing and try to sleep. This is too much for me.
We all know it doesn’t do to think of things like this so late at night, and it’s definitely past the time when my brain can logically try to analyse this kind of bullshit. 

Until next time…. 

x Siena