So a commercial jet goes missing and no one has any idea what happened??

So, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is still missing and everyone is wondering what the freaking hell happened to the plane and the 237 people on board. 
The plane may or may not have attempted to turn back at some point before dropping off the radar.
The information is conflicting as to when exactly the last contact was with the aircraft.
Also, two people apparently boarded the plane on stolen passports which had been reported as stolen some 1-2 years ago.

This all terrifies me for a couple of reasons, firstly, how the FUCK is there no GPS saying exactly where the plane was before it vanished from the radar?! It’s 2014! Are we seriously counting on the pilot to just drive it the right way and phone in saying where he is as he plods along, and the airport at the other end pretty much just waits and hopes it arrives if they don’t hear from the pilot?!
I have always sat comfortably through long plane journeys under the misapprehension that airport officials at either end knew EXACTLY where the plane was as it travelled through the air. 
I am also shit-scared to realise people can just head on in to the airport in Malaysia with a STOLEN passport and as long as the picture matches the face no one is any the wiser!!
I always imagined if you got to an airport and tried to board a plane with a stolen passport, lights would flash and the men in grey would come with their guns and you’d be in a whole lot of big fat trouble. I always imagined the passport number of the stolen passport was thoroughly blacklisted, but then I guess in many poorer and less developed countries, border control (or should I say BOARDER control) is pretty much just some person taking a look, making sure it’s got the right number of digits and you look vaguely like them and stamping you on through. 

It’s so sad, though, because whatever happened, by now the plane is surely at the bottom of the ocean and no one will ever recover it and the families and friends of the missing people will never know what happened, ever. The whole thing is dreadfully sad and it doesn’t bear thinking of.