fall into your world, thirsty, your mind dancing.

fall into your world, thirsty, your mind dancing.

This is a small art project I embarked upon with my soul sister, Azahara Fernández. It’s a tribute to rookiemag.com which is a creative online magazine for budding feminists and inspired teens that happens to be highly insightful, funny, useful, and appealing to mid-twenty happy-go-luckies like us. 
I hope you enjoy our photo story. 

The poetry of comfort eating

FEELING: The one where the sudden knowledge that someone will never love you drops into your brain chilly and small like a marble through gelatin, and whether it’s right or wrong it can never be extracted through that same neat bloodless tunnel; you will need to plunge your hand in after it and tear up everything.

HOW TO EAT IT: Bread pudding. Mac and cheese.

As someone with a long history of feelings-induced food binges (stress-eating throughout my entire degree and heartbreak chocolate throughout break-ups each get an honourable mention), I find this collection hilarious, poetic, and accurate. This one is my favourite, but they’re all brilliant.
A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings.