A Guide to Feminist Sex Positions – via Clementine Ford

For all of those who are sick of hearing about ridiculously named [TW, NSFW] sex positions [TW, NSFW] that are glorified sexual violence against women. (The donkey punch? Are you fucking kidding me?)

2. A woman rides a dude. She gets him about 30% away from an orgasm but she gets up and leaves. It’s called The Equal Pay Act. 

…..so choice. Read the whole list here.

No, I won’t leave it alone.


Bad things happen because good people see them happening and do nothing.

Because pretty blonde girls can’t and don’t steal bikes.

This video shows a young white man, a young black man, and a young blonde woman all separately pretend to try to steal a bike in a public park with hidden cameras, and it’s brilliant. I was in shock when someone actually goes over and openly offers to help the woman steal the bike. 
I would love to do something like this, stage a situation in which people of varying ages, races, and genders do the same thing in public to see what the results would be. I wonder if they’d be quite different in Australia.

I remember my old housemate got a flat tyre and she was out the front of our place in Fitzroy, which is fairly inner city Melbourne, and I asked her if she needed a hand and she laughed and said no, then told me about how since she’d started, every single man who’d walked past had asked her if she needed a hand, and when she’d declined and said she’d almost gotten it, they’d all responded, ‘really? you sure?’ and legitimately been gobsmacked she was doing it alone. I know that’s also a question of physical strength because tyres are heavy and she is an average built girl but still, even if it were a guy her build, I’m willing to bet money hardly anyone would’ve offered a hand.