Reasons not to drink soy!

I’ve been off for a while due to super busy times and random injuries (currently struggling to type with one wrist sprained and strapped, thank you soccer) but here’s a quick list of why you SHOULD NOT jump on the uber soy milk hipster bandwagon! SOY MILK IS SUPER PROCESSED AND WILL MAKE YOUR HORMONES GO CRAZY. Dairy is fucked, we already know that.
Drink Chamomile tea instead. 

Time to clarify ‘soy is bad for you’ myths.

I drink a lot of soy milk and I eat a lot of soy products. I don’t support the dairy industry and I find cow’s milk a really gross idea, so I avoid dairy a fair bit (I still consume a bit of cheese and aioli and other things, but my milk is always soy, as is my ice cream).

I do, however, sometimes worry I consume TOO much. Or at least I did before I did a bit of research…
This is a fantastic summary of the myths and the reality of soy consumption. 

I still think it is best to have everything in moderation, and there’s no need to be drinking three soy milk coffees a day or whatever, but it’s not really bad for you in the ways that people are beginning to think. 

Anyway, the bottom line is DON’T BELIEVE THE RUMOURS! Do your own research and decide for yourself what you’re eating and drinking, where it comes from, how bad/good it is for you and what its effect on the environment and world around you is! 

WA begins shark culling today. Un-fucking-believable.

In Western Australia, new laws have been passed so that shark culling can begin- that is to say, they are going to start killing off sharks that swim in the waters surrounding the beautiful beaches so that more humans can pollute said beaches with their cigarette butts, broken bottles and other such crap. Fuck, this makes me so mad! 
Aside from being unfair to the sharks who are doing NOTHING but living in their normal habitat and doing what comes naturally to them (i.e., biting and eating the smaller creatures that swim in their path), it’s bad juju and fairly dangerous business to go messing with the oceanic food chain and culling off sharks, plus if prevention of human attacks is the goal, there are so many other options that seem way more practical and logical. 
It’s good to see so many people agree with me; there have been loads of rallies against the culling. 

Ugh. It’s just so utterly unacceptable and cruel.