My dentist would turn in his grave if I had one and he was dead.

My dentist would turn in his grave if I had one and he was dead.

If you’ve ever wondered if brushing your teeth with Bi-Carb Soda would make them whiter, I’m here to tell you it does…..not taste very good.
But it works! And WikiHow told me if you only do it once every month or every few weeks it just gets rid of the coffee/cigarette/red wine stains but won’t be too damaging to the enamel…and let’s be honest, the stuff you’re ingesting is way worse for you than the stuff you use to clean off the stains it leaves on your teeth.

I usually use a natural toothpaste the name of which escapes me but it has a koala on it and is made from the love tears of vegan hippies combined with a fluoride mouthwash every now and then plus flossing all the time (except the actual brushing I am EXTRAORDINARILY slack with; please refer to New Year’s Resolution post), and none of that is doing anything for making my teeth whiter.

Sooooo, I’m quite happy with this result; my teeth have always been yellowy from years of smashing red wine, coffee, and general misuse/lack of care so with my new year’s resolution of taking superdooper good care of my teeth I’ve decided to allow myself to Bi-Carb them every once in a while to feel all exciting and non-stainy. Woo! It’s the small things.