fall into your world, thirsty, your mind dancing.

fall into your world, thirsty, your mind dancing.

This is a small art project I embarked upon with my soul sister, Azahara Fernández. It’s a tribute to rookiemag.com which is a creative online magazine for budding feminists and inspired teens that happens to be highly insightful, funny, useful, and appealing to mid-twenty happy-go-luckies like us. 
I hope you enjoy our photo story. 

Psychadelics can help enlighten you….who’d have thought?

Psychadelics can help enlighten you….who’d have thought?

Definitely worth a read. Also, I highly recommend magic mushrooms if you have a close friend or partner, a nice comfy warm and SAFE space with interesting things to play with….. honestly, such a wonderful and eye-opening life experience, every time is a lovely fuzzy adventure into your own mind.



This asylum seeker situation breaks my heart. I am so, so angry. Please, spread the word about how Australia is treating asylum seekers in detention centres, and if you can, try to support the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, because it really is an incredible collective that is doing so much for asylum seekers. This is so fucked.