So here is a video of me being awkward and humming, whistling, and describing the song (or fragment of a song) that has been stuck in my head since February 2013. If you’ve ever been any good at the ‘Substitute’ segment of the music trivia show Spicks and Specs (I am terrible at it) then you may actually decipher some actual song from this.
Also please excuse my wonky humming and whistling.

“”Everything falls apart at the exact same time it all comes together perfectly for the next step.”

I think I was silent for a couple of minutes after I first watched this, and I know my eyes filled with tears; sometimes they still do.
In recent weeks, I’ve noticed patterns around me gently emerging, things coinciding neatly and eerily and I’m reminded of Listener’s …poetry? Music? Spoken-word, call it what you will, it’s a powerful piece of art, and I think it ties in nicely with the synchronicity I’m experiencing.